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    Connector product engineer

    Job Categories: Project Engineer Product Development Manager / Supervisor Product Development Engineer

    Connector Product Development Engineer

    1) Secondary school or above culture, male or female, between 28-40 years old, with more than 8 years working experience in the connector industry;

    2) Have more than 3 years experience in connector design, familiar with the performance of connector products, and have developed RJ, TYPE C, USB3.0 and other products first;

    2) Familiar with the development process, able to independently lead the development of new product projects and have strong communication and coordination skills;

    3) Have a strong team spirit and strong ability to withstand pressure;

    4) Pack and live, 26 days, salary 6~9K or negotiable.

    Production manager

    Job Categories: Manufacturing Director Leader / Extension

    1) Male or female, secondary school or above, between 28-40 years old;

    2) Experience in production workshop management of 200-person connector for more than five years; experience in production management of USB automation workshop and partial commissioning ability of machine is preferred;

    3) Strong sense of responsibility, strong resistance to stress and teamwork spirit.

    Machine repair (technician automaton USB connector)

    Job Category: Maintenance Engineer

    1) Gender male, aged 25-35 years old, with a secondary school or above culture, familiar with the working principle of the automatic machine structure;

    2) Have strong analytical and problem solving skills;

    3) More than three years experience in automata repair and maintenance of USB2.0, 3.0 and related connector products;

    4) Understand some electrical and circuit knowledge;

    5) Have strong resistance to stress and have a strong sense of responsibility.

    Warehouse clerk

    Job Categories: Clerk / Senior Clerk Other

    1) Female, 20--28 years old, junior high school or above, with more than 2 years of clerical work experience;

    2) Know the operation of computer office software, familiar with the priority of ERP system operation;

    3) Have a strong sense of responsibility, have a certain ability to withstand stress and communication, and have a strong team spirit.

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