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    Market requirements and skill changes in China's connector industry


    Market requirements and skill changes in China's connector industry

    The connector industry in mainland China has always had an advantage in low-end shopping malls. Connector manufacturers in this region are marching into the mid-range category, paying more attention to product quality. At the same time, they are still fighting price wars with their Asian counterparts, and often win the game. Now, all-line connector products are available from mainland China, and the main stream types are used primarily for computers, telecommunications and A/V products, as well as fiber optic and PCB connectors.

    With the rapid increase of consumer electronics, car electronics, communication terminal stores and global connector production capacity in Asia and China, Asia has become the most promising place for connector stores, and China will become the fastest growing connector in the world. The largest shopping mall. Future chip connectors, fiber optic connectors, IEEE1394 and USB 2.0 high-speed connectors, wired broadband connectors, and fine pitch connectors for a variety of portable/wireless products will be the most sought-after products.

    Nowadays, all the features in the scope of connector development are: high-speed, digitization and integration of signal transmission; small-scale, narrow-pitch, multi-function of product volume; quick and easy insertion and removal; modularization of products; . In addition, assembly skills are required for surface mount (SMT) and micro-assembly (MPT).

    In recent years, because of the rapid development of the upstream industry of connectors, 3C industry, including computer, communication products and consumer electronics, and data transmission services have a very broad potential in China. Another primary development direction of connectors is mobile. Telephone connectors, the production of mobile phones in China is now developing rapidly, and the demand for connectors is also weak. However, as a new category, Chinese manufacturers are still lacking in the experience of production skills.

    Faced with the changes in the mall and skills of connectors, China's connector manufacturers should gradually get rid of the homogenization competition in the middle and low-end product types, actively track the cutting-edge skills of connectors, learn new skills and new processes of connectors, and continuously develop new products. , broaden the high-end product line.

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