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    What material is the D-SUB connector header?


    What material is the D-SUB connector header?

    D-SUB connector plastic case, which is made of plastic material ABS material, has a bright color appearance. According to the function is divided into: wire-to-wire connector, wire-to-board connector, board-to-board connector and so on.

    The needle holder is generally a wire-to-board connector, because only the wire-to-board connector is the needle holder, the wire-to-wire connector has no needle holder, and the board-to-board connector is the pin and the female. Of course, some exceptions are not ruled out, such as the connector of SAN90/180 degrees (also called JC20-90 degrees), which is a wire-to-board connector, but there is no needle holder.

    The material of the needle seat is generally phosphor bronze or alloy and then the surface is tinned or copper plated with gold, depending on the needs of the product. The pull-out force of the needle seat is also very important. Generally, the pull-out force is considered in important products, and the number of plug-ins will test the quality of the needle seat. The wire-to-board connector hub is the core in the core, one end is The wiring is connected to the socket at the other end, and the needle at one end is the needle, and then these pins are inserted into the pcb board or the ordinary circuit board. This forms a closed loop that makes the circuit or electrical signal clear.

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